Alyice Edrich's Bucket List

Time To Start Emptying That Bucket List

For the first 24 years of my marriage, I was living the biggest "wish" on my bucket list. I was a quintessential housewife/stay-at-home mom. I even got to live that dream during financial hardships and job layoffs! And though I eventually started a part-time homebased business to help out with the family finances… I always got to put being a mom first!


Now, with the children all grown up, and me working outside the home, I feel as though I finally have a shot at emptying some of the other things on my bucket list, like…


Mostly, however, I want my bucket list to be less about achieving goals or grand adventures and more about living a life that makes me feel safe, content, and happy… a life that is rich in love, good health, family, and friendships… a life full of little moments that make me smile when I look back on them.