Alyice Edrich's Bucket List

Hello There!

Or should I say... Aloha, Bienvenidos, Buongiorno, Czesc, Jambo, Zdravstvuite, Konichiwa, and Ni hao.


I'm Alyice (uh-lease) Edrich and I've been writing and creating art, in one form or another, my entire life. As a young child, I found having a creative outlet to be very therapeutic and healing. Writing gave me a voice when I was too afraid to verbally speak the words, and art allowed me to express myself without fear of judgment… they were my equalizers in life. For years, I ran a successful online magazine and freelance business known as "The Dabbling Mum" but I closed that part of my life down back in 2015.


Today, I am crossing things off my bucket list, like:

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