About Alyice Edrich

Hello, Aloha, Bienvenidos, Buongiorno, Czesc, Jambo, Zdravstvuite, Konichiwa, and Ni hao.

I'm Alyice Edrich (pronounced Uh-lees Ee-drik) and I am a dabbler at heart. I currently make my home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where I enjoy writing, making art, and spending time with my family!

What I Believe

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I am a firm believer in the powers of dabbling as a way to finding our unique purpose in life. I believe that taking the time to try new things, to experience new adventures, and to explore new possibilities allows us the opportunity to not only change our own lives, but impact the lives around us—in a very positive and fulfilling way.

How I Got Here

After my first child was born, I quit my full-time job to become a full-time mommy. It wasn't long after adjusting to motherhood that I realized I needed to help out with the family finances... even if it was simply making enough money to take my children out for the day—without affecting our household budget. That began a ten year journey of "dabbling" with small business ventures until I found my calling.

How I Lived My Dream

From 2000 to 2013, I ran an award-winning online magazine for BUSY parents while living my dream of being the quintessential housewife/stay-at-home mom.

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The eMagazine consisted of four main centers: Christian parenting, writing, small business, and reviews. It had over 1,500 pages of content and was often quoted as being refreshing, trustworthy, and inspirational.

It was a place of refuge for very BUSY moms who wanted to find their place in the world without losing sight of what really mattered to them—their families. It was also a place where moms could feel comfortable with the choices they made, and the changes they wanted to make, and not feel guilty because they were not living up to someone else's ideals.

During this time, I also put together three educational newsletters on parenting, writing, and small business. Each newsletter ran once a month and had a Q&A column, a guest contributor, a letter from the editor, and updates on what was happening over at the magazine and in the shops.

As the publisher, editor, and senior writer of the parenting magazine, I had the unique advantage of seeing just how powerful the written word could be. Hearing how people's lives were changed because of something I, or my writers, wrote was the best part about running the magazine and putting together the newsletters.

How Things Changed

After 13 years of running the eMagazine, I closed it, and the newsletters, down and took a much needed break from the world of business. Though I kept the website online, and picked up a few odd jobs from time to time, I didn't devote much time to running the business. In fact, I spent my days working a part-time job. (Yeah, I couldn't believe it either!) It was refreshing to wake up each morning and not have to worry about where the next paycheck was going to come from—and, I was surprisingly happy!

After a year and several months on the job, I realized that I didn't have the desire to return to the business... so I took a sabbatical from the business and started blogging for fun—not profit.

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