How To Start And Run A Home Daycare Business

This e-book was written for beginners—people considering the home daycare business for the first time.

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There's a shortage of affordable, quality childcare in the United States—which makes this the perfect time to start a daycare business; especially for new parents and the recently retired! But what makes it even more perfect is the fact that start-up costs are relatively low and you already have the perfect location—your home.

If you love being around children and want a business that doesn't requires time away from your own children, a storage facility for product, or the constant need to market, market, market and sell, sell, sell, then running a home daycare business is the solution you've been waiting for.

When my children were young, starting a home daycare was the best decision I could have made!

I was there for all of my son's firsts. I was there for all of my daughter's firsts. And, instead of losing my income, I supplemented my husband's income and gained a few tax write offs in the process.

I can't express enough how truly rewarding it was to be able to stay home with my children, to continue to earn an income, and to give parents something I knew they desperately wanted for their own kids—a loving, safe place to learn and have fun. My home daycare business was there for me when I needed it and I have no regrets.

If you're not sure a daycare business is right for you—or if you know you're ready to get started, but want to start it with confidence—you'll want to order my e-book, Tid-Bits For In-home Daycare Providers: How to start and run a home daycare business. It is truly a step-by-step guide with solid information on starting, running, and operating your very own home daycare business.

I heard about your website while attending a class for [daycare] licensing. The information you provide is priceless!!! Your e-book gave me so many ideas and actually helped me prepare for interviews with parents and their little ones. The forms and lists to get started are marvelous!... I've already mentioned your website to a friend who is a daycare provider and will continue to refer people to your site.
-- Gina M., Single Mom from San Diego, CA

Here's what is included in this daycare e-book...

I have been researching opening a childcare facility since January and it would have been a lot easier if I found your website then. You have put all the information needed to start a childcare business in one lump file. The information you have for licensing, fundraising, etc. is wonderful.
-- Angel Gollahon from Eureka, Montana

12 Check Lists, including:

I was planning on running a large daycare, but opted to watch a few children instead, [starting a small home daycare]... It seemed like Alyice knew exactly where I was coming from, being a wife and mother of small children of my own. I purchased the e-book two years ago and still reference it. It's a really great book.
-- Amy Schwartztrauber

60 Daycare-related Policy and Procedure Letters and Parent Enrollment Forms, including:

I ordered a copy of your [daycare] e-book a few days ago, and it has already helped me tremendously in preparing to open my [daycare] center. I must say you have done such a fantastic job compiling this e-book for those of us looking to open our own childcare facility, and I am eternally grateful for the help it has been to me.
-- Becky Zelinski from Liberty Hill, Texas

11 Recordkeeping Forms, including:

Web Resources, like:


You'll receive:

Whether you are a new or veteran mom, have previous teaching and daycare experience, or simply desire a career with children, this daycare e-book is for you. Don't attempt to run your daycare business in the dark, get Tid-Bits For In-home Daycare Providers today!

daycare ebook
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I recently purchased your daycare e-book and have found it EXTREMELY thorough, thoughtful, and useful! I thank you for compiling all of these things into one great place!
-- Kristin Nunnelley
I found the daycare book to be an excellent resource because you cover every aspect of the business and provide fantastic easy-to-use forms.
-- Vivian Davis
I heard about your book from my daycare child development class instructor.
-- Donna, CT
I heard about your daycare book at my childcare orientation. Great Job.
-- R.B.
This includes all the information one needs to make an in-home daycare business a success! And as if the information, forms, and resources weren't enough, the press releases are sure to gain some free publicity!
-- N.S., Bellflower, CA
I just wanted to say your information package is very helpful. It is getting me off to a good start...on figuring out what to do to open my home daycare. Thank you for your great [daycare] guide!
-- Cindy LeDuc, CT
This is the most complete, comprehensive resource on running and operating a home daycare. I especially love the fundraising ideas! This is the only book you will ever need!
-- Mrs. Miller, WI
I have been reading the daycare e-book all morning... great information.
Follow-up message: Thanks A Million is not even enough. Your daycare book helped me so much.
-- Nicole
I was a licensed daycare provider for over a year. If I had a book like this when I first started, I probably wouldn't have quit! I would have been more organized and structured! It's worth more than the price you're selling it for!
-- Ms. Virginia, NY

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