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This e-book was written for new writers and first-time book authors—people considering the writing business for the first time.

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When I first wrote my e-book on "becoming an e-book author", traditional print authors couldn't believe I could actually make a living selling books digitally.

Wow, times have changed!

I am so excited about all the changes in the industry... there's definitely a lot to learn these days and so many ways to deliver an e-book. But one thing remains true... no matter how you format your e-book, or what device it can be read on, your e-book needs quality content.

As an editor, writer, and Internet marketer, I've learned so much about earning a living selling knowledge... but I never stopped to think about how I got here until I sat down to research information for this book. And what I learned is that getting a traditional publishing contract is hard. You're competing with thousands of manuscripts a year, and with publishing companies spending an estimated $25,000 to take a book to print, they're leery of using unknown writers.

Why waste years trying to sell a manuscript you can publish yourself?

If you're serious about writing, publishing, and marketing e-books, order my e-book, Tid-Bits For Making Money With E-books: Discover the secrets to writing, creating, publishing, and marketing your e-book. It truly is a step-by-step guide with solid information on starting, running, and operating your very own profitable self-publishing business. In fact, you can learn how to unlock the information in your head, put it to paper, and sell it to others so that you, too, can earn a nice income selling e-books.

I was skeptical about reading this e-book as I felt sure it wouldn’t help me at all. After all, I already had four e-books published and selling quite well at the time of reading.

The first thing that hit me was the length. I was certain it would be another one of those rambling e-books. You know the type; they just go on and on with the sole purpose of making it look like good value for money because of the length.

This e-book wasn’t like that at all; it is crammed to overflowing with excellent information. There are too many checklists to list here, but believe me, they are absolutely priceless and will go a long way in assisting with the creation of your ebook.

Everything is detailed painstakingly, giving you every bit of information you could possibly need to start your e-publishing business.
-- Cheryl Wright,


You could spend countless hours searching the Internet and reading every article on the market about publishing your own e-book, or you could pick up your very own copy of Tid-Bits For Making Money With E-books and put that research time to good use—writing your own e-books, e-booklets, e-pamphlets, e-reports, and e-courses.

It's possible to make $10,000 a year selling e-books, but you'll have to put in the work! It's not enough to write a book, you must promote and market that book, too. That being said, if you self-publish 3 e-books per year, retail them for $9.99 per book, and sell 3 copies per day! Or, if you sold just 1 e-book per day, at $34.99 per book, for 12 months, you could earn over $12,000.

This is one of the most comprehensive self-publishing books on the market. Despite the title, the information will help any author launch his/her own self publishing business, print or e-book.

The e-book introduces authors to traditional publishing contracts, royalties, and a general understanding of how the publishing industry distributes to bookstores. Then continues to help writers write a good e-book.

The author is not a print writer who wanted to branch out into e-books. Alyice Edrich has a solid understanding of the elements that define a successful e-book.

This is a 'must own' for any author who desires to build a career in the non-fiction industry. I have taken university level courses that did not expound the virtues of adult education in such detail as Alyice did in this e-book.

This is not a dry book. Alyice has a casual style that allows her the freedom of including her own experiences, and advice from associates. This is a much better deal than the $200 I paid for a course that offered half the information.

Novel Writer Magazine focuses primarily on the fiction market. However, over the last five years I have participated in repeated discussions on royalties, contracts, promotion, and marketing. None of those discussions addressed the topics as well as Alyice does in her book.

On a rating of 1 – 10, this is only the second book in five years
that I am willing to give a solid 10/10.
-- Suzanne James, Publisher of

Here's what is included in this self-publishing e-book...

Don't go into the e-publishing business blindly, get Tid-Bits For Making Money With E-books today!

self-publishing ebook
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What Others Are Saying About This Self-publishing eBook

Alyice, I am absolutely blown away by your e-book. What an incredibly comprehensive and professional, well-researched and practical product you have created! I honestly do not think I've ever bought or seen an e-book on any subject that gave more informative, hands-on, immediately useful material in my life! What a great job! No wonder you are doing well at this. You are a pro, and I am delighted to count you among my email colleagues! Thanks for this terrific gift to the world of e-books.
-- Carolyn K. Long,

Your book is just excellent, as I suspected. There is a good reason that you make a good profit selling e-books, and that is because you are very good at breaking down the steps and anticipating objections. You really think of everything…Marketing and publicity covered so much that takes years and years to learn by trial and error…great resources... it is upbeat and positive, yet in no way implies that it is easy. I really don’t know what else you could offer except to write the book for us.
-- Barbara Carr Phillips, Author and Paralegal

Frankly, you're so thorough... May I commend you for leading the pack in "above and beyond" value for the money. I would never hesitate to purchase any book that you author...
-- Joyce, Christian Freelance Writer

Tid-Bits For Making Money With E-books is not only informative, but it is also motivating. I've wanted to write a book for over a year now, but didn't know where to start. I have officially begun work on two e-books in my area of expertise and have several more ideas to follow. Thanks to this e-book I am on my way to self-publishing my very first book.
-- Virginia, CA

I recently purchased your e-book on writing e-books. It's awesome. I have gotten so much down-to-earth advice...I'll be referencing it regularly as I prepare my e-book and website for selling it.
-- Deb Butterfield, Editorial Services

The step-by-step instructions on writing an e-book and starting the business are unlike anything I have found anywhere else, and I have been doing some serious research. I especially appreciate your no-nonsense, no-hype approach to starting a business with practical tips and instructions that leave me with realistic expectations rather than the pie-in-the-sky, greed-motivated, and downright dishonest claims I have found elsewhere. Thank you for your knowledgeable, straightforward approach to this subject.
-- Kay Donato

It’s fantastic—full of practical research and links that would take you forever to find on your own. It also includes a journaling section with questions to help trigger your thoughts about choosing a topic.
-- Heather Ivester, Mom 2 Mom Connection

The book came through with no problems—in fact I've read the first five chapters already (and I should be working on something else!) It's very thorough and informative—great job.
-- Lorrie, Canada

It's jamp-packed full of good advice. Thanks for your book—it's making a difference in my work and my life!
-- Joy DeKok, Author

Your book is both fascinating and informative. Good work.
-- Thomas B. Colvin, English Professor and Feature Article Writer

I would like to tell you that I found your e-book very helpful. I was well into the process of writing my book when I ordered and downloaded your book but had questions about copywriting, marketing, websites, and such—which your e-book provided answers to.
-- Pam Streich, Windows and Door Service Business

You're like the e-book Queen.
-- Kim, Editor of Write From Home

What I’ve read so far is brilliant. Wish I’d had your book when I started out!
-- Cheryl, author of four successful e-books

After reading the first four chapters, I wanted to write another e-book, and I wasn't planning on writing another one for several months... Awesome marketing ideas! I've never seen several of them before... I wish I'd read your e-book before...It would have saved me a lot of trouble.
-- Terri Pilcher, Marketing Columnist

It explained so much about e-books: things I hadn't even thought about, especially the technical things people will need to know. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us... I've learned so much from your book.
-- Abigail Beal, Freelance Craft Writer

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