How To Start And Run A Notary Public Signing Agent Business

This e-book was written as an overview for beginners—people considering the mobile notary business for the first time.

mobile notary ebook

If you are looking for a way to work from home or quit your current job, if you already have a notary public seal and are looking for a way to make more money from it, or if you've done a few signing agent jobs only to be told you're not experienced enough, this is the e-book you've been waiting for.

Look, before I became a full-time freelance writer, I was a profitable notary public signing agent working out of my home. In fact, I was paid a consulting fee, on retainer, to counsel new notary signing agents for a well-known signing company. I know what it takes to be successful as a notary public signing agent, and if you purchase this e-book, you will too.

Notary Public Jobs Are Out There

I am often asked, "Are there enough jobs to go around?"

The answer is yes, BUT it will take work—hard work. And how much you make and how many jobs you receive depends on many outside factors, such as:

With a little persistence and dedication, you can make it as a full-time notary signing agent. In fact, if you complete just 30 notary assignments—at $50 per notary job—per month, you can earn $18,000 per year or $1,500 a month!

Have just finished reading Tidbits and I find it to be both comprehensive and practical. You have good coverage of the nitty gritty details of the signing process that are not found in the $90 courses. You also emphasize the importance of marketing and provide valuable advice for getting business. The links are very helpful as are the sample letters and flyers. In my opinion Tidbits is superior to all of the over-hyped, overpriced loan document signing courses out there, and well worth the money.
-- Jim Freeman, California

Here's what is included in this mobile notary signing agent e-book:

After seeing so many publications with scant USEFUL information, it is good to see a book worth paying for!  I think you have covered 99% of the bases—the other 1% is for the notary to go out and DO IT!!
-- Suzanne B., LaPlace, Louisiana

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Don't sign loan documents in the dark, get Tid-Bits For New Signing Agents today!

mobile notary ebook
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Due to copyright issues with mortgage lenders, this e-book does not contain loan doc forms.

This e-book does not offer information regarding individual state laws.

This e-book offers a generalization of the overall process and is meant to be used as a guide
to help you determine if becoming a full-fledge notary is right for you. For more information
about policies regarding your state's laws, contact an association that specializes in your state.

What Others Are Saying About This Notary Signing Agent eBook

I purchased your book, perhaps, a year ago, give or take a month... As I am ramping up my signing agent business, I am re-reading portions of your book, and consider your book a God-send! Thank you.
-- Karie Albert
What I particularly liked was the way your material presented the "big picture". Your information clearly described what a loan signing agent should and could do as well as what [he/she] shouldn't or couldn't do. I already had quite a bit of information about the [loan] documents themselves so what I particularly found valuable was the information on starting my own business and the resources you did the elbow-grease on.
-- Lisa Ekdahl
...Your book has helped me and still helps me... As a single working mother of two, I'm always on the look out for an extra [money-making] opportunity... Never seeing a loan document package, I walked into the office after working [my full-time job] all day to meet the signer... There I was, alone with the signer in the conference room.  I was still cool with confidence...and to my surprise while scanning the first page... everything just fell into place... The information from your notary book came to life. With my confidence and knowledge from "Tid-Bits" I can call myself a "Loan Signing Agent."
-- Linda Veregge, Stockton, California
I have been reading The Dabbling Mum for years. I started as a Mobile Notary Public and Loan signing Agent in 2003. I am still very active doing my own home business... with that, I have been averaging $20K a year.
-- Nancy A. Grochowski
I read where you said you put a lot of time and research into this [notary] book and it really shows. It is very thorough and complete with all there is to know for New Signing Agents. It will be a great help for me because it is exactly the layout and information I was looking for. Thank you for writing such a great book.
-- Rhonda Groendyke, CA
I purchased Tidbits For New Signing Agents for my daughter [last week], far, she has received 4 calls for signings, and is looking forward to developing her business...
-- Jeanne Gibson, Eugene, Oregon
I purchased your book and I think it's terrific. It has given me back a zillion times more than the investment I made with it. I think I've finally found my 'niche'. I just wanted to say thanks.
-- Nicole Perry
...what a wealth of information your notary book is...I've been a notary for 2 years... I am very sure now that I'm equipped with better information, I will get calls on a regular basis... I only wish I had purchased it sooner.
-- Stacey Thompson, Maryland
Had a loan signing today. I don't know what I was so nervous about. It was so easy: just read, point, and sign! Your notary e-book came to life. Update 2006: This is really good money. I work with banks and real estate offices now and have to turn down work!
-- Virginia, Los Angeles, California
You must have given me good advice since my signing business is picking up steam. Thanks!
-- Jim
I introduced a friend to this business a year ago and in 6 months time she is now self-employed and bringing in $2,000 a month. I am happy for her but did wonder why her business has done so well while mine has faltered but your book [bought yesterday] gave me some insight into this.
-- Diamonte, Pennsylvania
Great material. I've been doing signings for some time and had a great year last year...just wanted to find out what other signing agents do... Thanks so much for such a valuable guide...your marketing tips are top notch... Also, the forms you provided are great for tracking expenses and revenue.
-- Cheryl Elliott, Carpinteria, California
I had found your website a while ago when I was researching being a mobile notary. I believe that it was because of your site that I became comfortable with the idea of becoming a mobile notary. Before that, I was just a nervous Nelly who over-thought the whole process. Anyway, thanks for giving me the courage to take the first step. The way you wrote made me feel like anybody could be a mobile notary and that was very comforting. Thank you.
-- Cathie Nichols
I just bought your notary e-book. Thank you SO much for breaking that down! Can't tell you how thrilled I am to find your e-book!
-- Jaci
Thank you for taking the time to write such an informative book for public notaries. Straight to the point. I am just sorry I didn't purchase it sooner. I would recommend it to any notary public, as it is well worth the investment price.
-- Helen Machuca
You're great! Tid-Bits is the perfect title for this handbook. The second edition is better than the first! Just the list should repay my investment I paid to you. Thanks!!
-- Marshall Werry, Central Illinois
I've been reading the e-book and it is WONDERFUL. The scenario is what I wanted and hoped that it was in this [notary] e-book. Also explaining to me what the docs are is great! I'm on page 50 and LOVE this material. Thank you for taking the time to write back and believe me with this material I feel confident already.
-- Terry Villegas
My mother purchased your e-book for me... your book was the perfect fit. I work about 20 hours a week on average... and still have the same income that I had while in banking full time. Your book offered me a chance to work from home and opened so many opportunities for me. Thank you again.
-- Laurie Jenkinson
Yours is the third book or e-book I've ordered on the subject of starting a notary business. I'm only on page 42 of your e-book and can already tell that you've written about exactly what concerns me about document signings. Thank you.
-- Deborah Lyons, Florida
I am already half way through the book and love it. This book has more information in it than those courses offered for twice as much... Thanks again.
-- Tracy, Chino Hills, California
...your notary information is very useful and informative and I have gotten more business because of your e-book. Thanks again!
-- Felicia Davis, Detroit, Michigan
I ordered your e-book last year. It helped my business tremendously! Excellent, excellent, excellent.
-- Yolanda Holder, California Notary
I must say, you have a lot of great ideas and advice on how to start in the loan signing industry... it is well worth the money I paid for it.
-- Marla Hamilton
As I study the material I am convinced that I have in my possession a goldmine of treasure for starting off my business as a new Signing Agent. Thanks in advance for knowledge, wisdom and insights.
-- Maurel Nunez, Florida
Thank you again for such great information and focusing on the actual act of being a signing agent... what I did not want was a book telling me how to run a (general) business―your information is item specific and I am really enjoying it!
-- Deborah L.
I just wanted to thank you for all of the valuable information in your notary e-book. I am a new notary and have just received my certificate as a "Certified Loan Signing Specialist". I was a little nervous about getting started, but after reading your book, I now feel confident and ready to go! Thank you so much.
-- Cindy Schmidt, Lake Elsinore, CA
I purchased your notary e-book and it's fantastic! Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge in your e-book, it's an absolute "must have" for anyone wanting to go down this road!
-- Debbie Dunham
I just ordered your e-book and I have to say that it is very well thought out! I would like to thank you for the time and attention you put into this project. I consider it to be a valuable resource for guidance in all aspects of the business. I look forward to reading future editions.
-- Randy, Ohio
What a wonderful book. Thank you so much with your quick response and assistance to my problem.
-- Jim, Florida
You didn't leave anything out of your notary e-book. I have a signing tomorrow!
-- W. J.

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