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When I was pregnant with my firstborn, the idea of returning to work and leaving my little one in the care of a stranger freaked me out. Luckily, I happened upon a home business idea that allowed me the financial freedom to stay home with my baby. For the next 23 years, I worked from home running various homebased businesses as I continued to raise my children... and I can tell you with all honesty that starting a home business was the best decision I ever made!

Working from home was never as easy as all those hyped out informational tools claimed it would be. In fact, it was the hardest job I ever had, but it was also the most rewarding.

Every business I operated allowed me the flexibility to work around my husband's schedule and gave me the opportunity to watch my kids grow up in a way a traditional job would never allow. And because I worked from home, I was able to cut back on non-tax deductible work-related expenses while writing a portion of my home's monthly expenses off on my taxes—thanks to the "home use" deduction.

If you're looking for a way to stay home with your kids while earning an income, order Work-At-Home or Stay-At-Home? You Can Do Both! How to start, run, and operate a homebased business. It is more than an e-book, it's a step-by-step workbook designed to help you discover which business is right for you, and your family. It will help you take a serious look at the business side of things, help you understand how your strengths and weaknesses fit into your business plan, and guide you towards success.

Wow! This is a do-it-yourself, all-in-one, inclusive guide for anyone considering a home business!! I'd use this as a reference for anyone looking to start a business from home. I think it about covers everything you need to get started. Lots of print out "worksheets." Very creative, especially the inspiring story...lots of resources.
-- Calissa Leigh of Whisper Enterprises

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Start your homebased business on the right track, get Work at Home, Stay at Home? You Can Do Both! today!

wahm ebook

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I have had the opportunity to review "Work at Home or Stay at Home? You Can Do Both" and felt I was looking in a mirror when I read it. I can relate to so many things in the book... Ten years ago the Internet was relatively new, and I wish I had come across this book then. I have spent many years looking for something I could do from home, and finally realized writing and sharing my knowledge was the way to go. It is a road I am just beginning to travel, and reading this book has reinforced some of my strategies and given me new avenues as well.
-- Diane Ziomek,
Alyice has focused on the motivations and the practicalities of starting and maintaining any home business. She has done an excellent job of presenting the information in a clear, concise manner. Thanks Alyice, I know your book will do well.
-- Wendy, Oregon
It is very comprehensive. I read lots of wahm [work at home mom] books, but never one with that much information.
-- Barbara P., Tennessee
It's a great book! Very well-written and full of insight and facts! If you want to be a work at home mom, this is definitely the book to get; the resources and samples are invaluable.
-- Diane Anderson, CA
I know how much work this was to do. Your resource pages alone are incredible... I personally think you have underpriced it... You've done a great job with this; you deserve to be wildly successful.
-- Francie Ward, CEO of Business Owners' Idea Cafe
The 39 marketing ideas are so worth the price of this work at home e-book!
-- Indiana, PA
The book reads so easily and gets straight to the point. I just love all the questions she asks, really gets one thinking in the right direction! There's such great information in the book that tells one just how to get started!
-- Laura Thebodeau, CA
I love your personal story. It's very inspiring. If you can make your home business work I know I can, too!
-- Angela Cardenas
An inspiring, introductory guide filled with practical tips, solutions, and useful resources to help you get started today in a successful work-from-home venture.
-- Priscilla Y. Huff, author 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women

The book was wonderful. I love how you talk about your husband and treasure how beautiful your relationship is with him.
-- Mrs. Griffin, CA

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Alyice Edrich spent 13 years producing an award-winning online publication for BUSY parents. She has authored 10 e-books, has been featured in several small print publications and blogs, has interviewed over 375 entrepreneurs, and helped dozens of individuals and small business owners with their projects.

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