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My name is Alyice (uh-lease) and I truly am very happy to have you here. Under the umbrella of The Dabbling Mum®, I freelance as a web content writer, author books, and create mixed media art and graphic design projects.

I am currently based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota... but thanks to the powers of the Internet, I can work with small business owners and individuals from all over the United States.

Please have a look around my office on the web and if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact me.

Content Management | Content Writer

Content Management

I spent 13 years managing a constantly changing team of freelance writers who wrote high quality content for an award-winning online magazine, so I can help with locating and working with columnists to produce quality content for your small publication.

I have also worked with various small businesses as a virtual assistant, so I can help with maintaining and updating your company blog or print-on-demand shops (like Zazzle). Click for rates

Content Writer

As a freelance writer for hire, I can write on a variety of topics as long as there are sources to interview, company materials to be read, and/or a way to research the information online. And I have no problem working with you to tweak an idea you jotted down but need polished.

I can write:

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How I Work

I take a personal, and vested, interest in your business to make sure I produce content you're happy with—no matter the platform. And regardless of the amount of content you purchase, I always strive to bring the best I have to the table and look forward to honest, constructive critiques that help improve the final output—all I ask is that you don't be mean about it.

I'll listen to what you want done, ask a few questions, conduct a little research, interview a subject or two (if necessary), then create the first draft.

After you receive the first draft, you'll make a few notes to let me know what's working and what's not. I'll read over your notes and if I have any questions or concerns about the changes, I'll get back with you. Otherwise, I'll use your notes to create a stronger, more cohesive second draft.

Once the second draft is complete, I'll ask you to read it over. If any final changes need to be made, I'll make them and return the final copy to you within a few days.

In the end, you should hold in your hands, content that is well researched, flows from beginning to end, weaves in your selected keywords and/or keyword phrases, and fulfills the search engine's requirements for original content.

Freelance Rates

My hourly rate is $35 per hour. Hourly rates are billable in 15 minute increments, with a minimum of two paid hours.

Turnaround Time

Once a project is agreed upon, you'll need to sign a contract and send payment. Upon receipt of both, I'll begin work on your project.

Turnaround time depends on the length and complexity of your project and my current workload.

Ready to get started?

If you need a virtual assistant who can write well, loves socializing online, enjoys learning new things, has fun with new challenges, and has a knack for meeting deadlines and providing reliable services, don't hesitate to drop me an email so we can discuss your project further.

Alyice Edrich

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