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Alyice Edrich spent the first half of her adult life as a work-at-home/stay-at-home mom. For the first 10 years, she dabbled in various home business opportunities until she found her calling as a writer. During year 11, she tried her hand at self-publishing and never looked back.

For the next 13 years, she ran an award-winning parenting publication designed to help everyday parents tackle the many facets of their very BUSY lives. From starting a homebased business to enhancing one's writing skills to juggling the many aspects of motherhood, the publication helped moms (and dads) find the confidence they needed to tackle life head on.

Today, she runs The Dabbling Mum® as an online bookstore, e-learning center, and art shop designed to spread a little sunshine and joy to every creative person she meets. To learn more about Alyice, click here.

Be Encouraged. Be Inspired. Be Transformed.

To learn how Alyice can help you live your dreams, click on her e-books or e-learning opportunities. For a chance to win a free e-book, sign up for the monthly newsletter. To fill your home or office with artistic inspiration, check out her artwork. To use her as a content developer, visit her freelance writing page.

Paper Collage Sailboat
rice art
Ying Yang Rice Art
cat art
Retro Cat Art
bean art
Bean & Rice Cat Art