Alyice Edrich's Bucket List

Time To Start Emptying That Bucket List

I've had a mental bucket list for as long as I can remember. Some items on that bucket list have seemed more like wishful thinking than actual "can do" achievements while other items have been replaced with new dreams… Still, I've often wondered why people even bother with a bucket list when more often than not it never gets emptied by the actual "doing" of the things on that bucket list.


Take my bucket list for instance… I had four major "wishes" I wanted to achieve during my lifetime and not a single one of them came true. I didn't get to take my kids to Las Vegas on their 21st birthdays, I didn't get to take an annual cruise in remembrance of the daughter I lost, and I didn't get to spend my 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii while we renewed our vows in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. And now, those milestones are gone forever.

It sucked to realize that the main reason I couldn't bring those "wishes" to fruition was money. We just didn't have it. And why didn't we have it? How hard could it be to save for something as important as that, I wondered.

Then I was reminded why we didn't have it… For the first 24 years of my marriage, I was living the biggest "wish" on my bucket list. I was a quintessential housewife/stay-at-home mom. I even got to live that dream during financial hardships and job layoffs! And though I eventually started a part-time homebased business to help out with the family finances… I always got to put being a mom first!


Now, with the children all grown up, and me working outside the home, I feel as though I finally have a shot at emptying some of the other things on my bucket list, like…

Mostly, however, I want my bucket list to be less about achieving goals or grand adventures and more about living a life that makes me feel safe, content, and happy… a life that is rich in love, good health, family, and friendships… a life full of little moments that make me smile when I look back on them.