Alyice Edrich

Freelance Writer Testimonies

“Alyice is eager to learn, teachable, very industrious, and hard-working. She is a good writer and communicator. She is an initiator”…“She is very competent, professional, and detail-oriented,”… “She has shown outstanding performance in teamwork, organizational skills, and prioritization of tasks according to importance.”

Those are just some of the recommendations I have received over the years. Below are compliments left by past clients. It has been an honor to work with these clients (as well as those not listed) and a privilege to be able to share their testimonies with you.

Columnist Gigs

... And I also wanted to say, excellent work on your articles—both the blogger articles and interviews. I can't tell you how great it is to be able to count on you for one per week. Thanks for being so consistent.
-- Dan, Empty Easel

Freelance Writing Projects

You rock girl... Wow, love the intro to VillaBerta and how it got started, really good.
-- Clara Berta, VillaBerta so lucky to have found you! ;-) Do your magic, but please keep in mind that I am on a shoestring budget!
-- Leslie, Hello! Morristown
I especially appreciate the way you got the column in on time and had taken the time to proofread it.
-- Katelyn Thomas, Cecil Child
This is an amazing piece of work. It’s great to see this completed and contain all the information I wanted to get across for students. (Update 2 months later: The ones you provided have [been] extremely successful, our students have thoroughly enjoyed them.)
-- Benjamin Pfeiffer, Online Education
I really like the copy that you produced... I'm loving your writing so far! Thank you so much for everything.
-- Max, GearMX, Inc.
Follow up after revisions made...Thanks again Alyice you did an awesome job...
Wonderful work and very relevant for the season! I love reading your articles and how your faith works out in your daily life. You are a blessing to me and our readers.
-- Carl Caton, People of Faith

E-book Praises

I never EVER came into such a rich well of information! Well researched and written from the point of view of the reader, you solve your readers' problems before they even have the time to think that they have them!! I am enormously satisfied with your e-books.
-- Domenica Adabbo
Frankly, you're so thorough... May I commend you for leading the pack in "above and beyond" value for the money. I would never hesitate to purchase any book that you author...
-- Joyce
I really think I got a good value for what I paid for my 3 e-books... I will say that your e-books are among the best I've downloaded so far.
-- Peg Flint
You guys are the BEST! Excellent customer service with prompt response. Nothing/noone compares!
-- S. Reynolds
After seeing so many publications with scant useful information, it is good to see a book worth paying for! I think you have covered 99% of the bases - the other 1% is for the notary to go out and DO IT!!
-- Suzanne
Thank you sooo much for your prompt and positive response. I truly appreciate you.
-- Rene'

Editing Jobs

I really like your modifications. (Regarding tri-fold brochure.) I love your services.
-- Dave Barton, Real Estate Agent
Your recommendation was a good idea... Rest assure that I will pass your services along to my friends and relatives, and tell them how great "The Dabbling Mum" services are. Thank you!
-- Ron Capati, Resume
I work hard on this—might as well try to make it the absolute best I can and your changes and corrections do that!...thank you for going over and beyond.
-- Lesslie, Hello! Morristown
2008 Update From Leslie... I need someone again to help me with the writing [for the magazine] and you were always so pleasant and professional to work with; would love to get that going again!
Excellent Work!... Thanks for your help. You did a great job. I'm very happy with it.
-- Dan Galassi
I read it and, as usual, your editing makes it more succinct.
-- Barb (Writer)

Press Release Writing Services

A few weeks after sending the press release out locally...The Wausau and Marshfield papers had a write-up on personalized the Lifestyle section on THANKSGIVING DAY and they listed my name and website! I am already receiving orders...BEST DAY POSSIBLE!!  Thanks Alyice! This is GREAT!!! At the time I really needed it to be!
-- Brenda Neuman of A Personal Touch
With regards to a press release I wrote for a group of networking wahms... I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!... Last night I had a message from a TV anchor woman (on the local fox network) about work at home moms and the mom pack!... I'm going to be on TV!... Thank you, mom pack! Thank you, Alyice, for creating a powerful, awesome press release!
-- Kim Monaco of Discovery Toys
The PR worked! YIPPEE! I'm pretty pumped. There is going to be a special feature on 'Women in Business."...Thanks again!
-- Peggy Vincent of Comfy Cozy
The agency that will be distributing your copy (press release) noted that it is an excellent piece of work!!!!!!!
-- Sandra K. Lynch of Ca ZipTax
Wow! This is great! I really like the quotes you did. The press release highlights all points. You did a better job than I explaining all of this. I think my PR lady is going to be very happy. Thank you!
Follow Up: Sent it to our PR Firm. They commented that they could tell you are a good writer and were pleased with the writing.
-- Benjamin of Online Education
I got picked up in our local paper!!! The editor LOVED the concept.
-- Susie of The Busy Woman
Thank you Alyice for the press release... we're going to be on the front page!!!
-- Deb Levesque of Worn But Not Forgotten
Remember that press release you wrote last year...Guess what?! The Daily Breeze called me this morning to do an article...some seeds take longer to grow I suppose.
-- Laura
(FYI: I always tell people you never know when a paper can use your story, so once your press release is written, leave it on your website indefinitely.)
Looks fantastic!! You did great and I will most likely be calling upon you again.
-- Jana Rossorelli, Owner/Training Director for Action Pack Dogs
The PR looks great. Thanks once again and I look forward to doing more business with you.
-- Cameron B. Richards, LMT of Medical Massage Clinic and Holistic Center
I am in awe! Thank you so much! This is ever so much better than what we did. Thank you! Thank you seems so inadequate, but we say it anyways! The PR is getting very high marks!
-- Denise Michel of Military Download
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for writing the press release, I sure envy people with writing talents! I just now got around to working on it and was really impressed! I was thinking tonight how easy you made this for me. I was initially intimidated by it all, but with what you wrote I am now full of confidence. Thanks again.
-- Jennifer Garnder of Keepsake Jewelry
Alyice did a wonderful job on our press release. She completed it in a timely manner and made our company stand out.
-- Laura Thebodeau of Mommy Co
I was so impressed with the Mom Pack PR results that I want one for my business...Thanks, it looks great! I love the way it seems so powerful - action provoking!
-- Wendy Oldenbrook of Wendy's Gift Bags
This really is a great release. I can't wait to get it to the local papers. Thanks again, Alyice.
-- Jud Ihlefield, Author of Banshee Rising
You are so awesome! I love my Grand Re-opening PR!...I especially love the PR you did for Mother's Day and the Media Announcement!... I love how it all ties into the mom theme...I also sent your link to a couple of groups about how FABULOUS you are!
-- Julie of Jules Jewelry
I am glad you brought the Harvard Study in the press release... and emphasized the products being less expensive. Excellent Work!
-- Laura Wexler of
You made us sound so successful! I'm very pleased.
-- Tina Miller of Obadiah Press
It's great!!!! I could never come up with something. I'm so untalented when it comes to wording.
-- Stephanie of Tampa Baby Zone
I just have to send some of these out! Very Well Written News Release!
-- Sarah Babbitt of Magic Graphix
WOW! What a great press release. My partner is very pleased. Thank you.
-- Mary Briggs of Briggs Productions
The press release is great! Made it quick and easy to do this important mailing. Thank you, Alyice!
-- Kelly Frohnauer of Natural Family Botanicals
You did a great job in putting my press release ideas into words.
-- Shre of Candle Wonder
...By the way, the "January homepage" wording has generated sales. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!! I'm so excited.
-- Thelma Pruitt of My Pampered Moments

Web Content Writing

I hired Alyice to do web copy for four of my businesses...And, I must say she did an EXCELLENT JOB. Not only is she professional and efficient but she is also a GREAT writer. Her descriptions and meta tags are outstanding and have caused my search engine rankings to increase. She wrote my content as if she created the products herself. Alyice goes above and beyond what she is compensated for. She was constantly tweaking my pages, and giving me suggestions about how to get my pages ranked high. She even took the time to explain what certain terms meant―associated with search engine optimization―and also pointed me in the right direction to learn more about the process. While I know she is a busy lady, she remained courteous and professional―at all times. She made me feel like I was her number one priority. Thank you for your hard work and quick turnaround. You have made my website's content worthwhile to read!
-- Villaseñor, Owner of Flutters of the Heart®

2003 Update from Villaseñor...I was getting sales here and there, but after you did my tags and web copy and told me what to focus on and I singled out the products that work for me, my site has been steadily increasing in sales!...All because I listened to what you had to say and applied it to my business. In three months, I went from 500 unique visitors to 2,300 unique visitors and it just keeps increasing. Thanks!

2004 Update from Villaseñor...I still have not done much advertising and my sales have tripled! My unique visitors has increased to 16,497 per month!

2005 Update from Villaseñor...I still have not done any advertising or targeted repeat customers and my sales have continued to go up. My unique visitors has increased to 22,784 per month. And, I've earned over $45,000 in pure profit in 2005!

2006 Update from Villaseñor...I know you won't believe this, but I still have not done any advertising and my sales are holding strong. My unique visitors are now at 26,608 per month, and that's with moving over half my content to an entirely new website! With this kind of success, I know I'm now ready to start advertising and targeting repeat customers.
Your copywriting is so good it's making people nervous. I had one gal write me and ask if she could pay this month and take the class later -- she had many responsibilities with her children this month, but wanted to "hurry" as the copy encouraged to lock in at the $75 price that "wouldn't last." I had to chuckle.
-- Barbara Carr Phillips, Journal Workshop Instructor, 2005
Alyice it's wonderful!!! I love it!… we both thought it was excellent! I am so pleased and happy with your copy, you did a great job! I will keep working on your suggestions also...Thanks so much Alyice.
Re: new index page copy for new website on loans
-- Connie Barker, Owner Financial Website, 2004
We are both thrilled with the copy! You have us convinced that you own a motorcycle!
Re: new index page copy for website about motorcycle parts, etc.
-- Doug Barker, Owner, 2004

Product Review Praises

Reading this review was so fun! Not just because it was about my work, but in general! Alyice writes great reviews, adding in photos, building the anticipation, then telling you where to find what she is reviewing.
-- Kitty D

Interviewee Praises

I was contacted by Alyice Edrich (aka The Dabbling Mum) to do an email interview... She provided me with questions that demonstrated she had an informed perspective on what I actually did for a living!! Her questions were juicy and open-ended and simply easy to answer...she edited my rambling beautifully.
-- Corey Johnston
Yours is the best feature I've had done on me to date. Thank you.
-- Pablo Solomon, Artist
I forgot which day you said the interview would be posted and didn't think to check it again until I started noticing traffic to my etsy store from! I saw the article recently and it was terrific! Thank you so much for the interview and helping to get more people exposed to my work.
-- Philippe Couture
Your questions are great... You appear to truly understand the balance that needs to be created. Thanks for this opportunity!
-- Stacey A. Lundgren

Publicity & Marketing Help

We appreciate you! (I know I really do.) Your talents, hard work, and reliability have freed me up to do so many other things for publicity. It works really well.
-- Megan Scott, Publicity Manager, C&T Publishing, 2010
I have no doubt that your PR work was a major contributing factor to the success of the show. Buyers seemed to be on a mission to get to our booth.
-- John Davis, June 11, 2012

LinkedIn Profile Testimonies

I had the pleasure of submitting work to Alyice at The Dabbling Mum, a high quality publication that addresses the needs of work-at-home parents. Alyice is an excellent editor, easy to work with, exceptional copyediting skills and is honed in to the interests of her key market segments, enabling her to deliver a fun and insightful publication. I look forward to the opportunity to write for her again, and would also happily hire her to write for any of the properties I publish or manage.
-- Dawn Allcot, May 8, 2012
Alyice is a diligent entrepreneur. Her website is vast; covering so many angles and topics for families, entrepreneurs and writers. I've watched her for years as she's grown, and I can say she has a dogged, stick-to-it work ethic to see a job through. Regardless of whether she's writing, web-designing or advising families through her efforts, she's intense in performing admirably to the client's best interest.
-- Hope C. Clark, August 26, 2008
I praise God for the opportunity to work with someone who is dedicated to putting out great content on her site. She's resourceful and so artistic in so many areas. If you need a writer, she's your gal. If you need a photographer, again -- Alyice is the one for the job. Check out her site, it's one you should not miss.
-- Pam Kumpe, August 26, 2008
Alyice Edrich is a multi-talented person. Her award-winning site, The Dabbling Mum®, helps thousands of writers and parents. She produces e-books, and ghost writes as well. If you want something done, ask Alyice!
-- Donna Shepherd, August 28, 2007

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

Drop me an email if you need assistance with anything, or if you just want to let me know what you like best about my products and/or services. I look forward to hearing from you!

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P.S. If you came here looking for The Dabbling Mum online magazine, it closed down back in 2015.